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Workers United
Industrial and service union, representing workers in manufacturing, distribution, laundries, hotels, casinos and more. The premier union when it comes to organizing. Workers United has its roots in the old Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union (ACTWU). In 1996, it merged with the International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU) to form UNITE. In 2004, it again merged with the Hotel and Restaurant Employees Union (HERE) to form UNITE HERE. In 2009, due to irreconcilable differences, it disaffiliated from the merger to form Workers United, and is now an autonomous affiliate of SEIU.

Service Employees International Union - One of the largest and most progressive unions in the United States, representing several million workers within health care, food service, laundries, and numerous other service industries.

Service Workers United - An innovative hybrid union, jointly administered by SEIU, Workers United, and UNITE HERE. This union represents employees of Aramark, Compass, an Sedexo in their laundries and food service facilities across America.

AFL-CIO Labor Music
Enjoy listening to an online collection of labor music from the AFL-CIO website.

Workers United Local 50
Representing thousands of workers at the Disney entertainment complex in California. A very innovative website!

Labor Net
International directory of unions and labor resources, labor news from around the world. A very comprehensive site.

Labor News
Another directory containing links, articles, and other information about the labor movement

Union Songs
Australian-based site with union songs from around the world (lyrics and in a few cases sound files)

Carol Simpson Home Page

Laughs guaranteed to gag your boss - site of labor cartoonist Carol Simpson

Green Left Weekly
Australias leading alternative newspaper (now published on line) committed to human and civil rights, labor, the environment, and progressive cultural work

National Air Traffic Controllers Association
Broad based collection of labor resources, articles, links and search vehicles

May Day On The Web
The Edmonton May Day Committee is comprised of labor, cultural and social activists

Congress of South African Trade Unions
In the forefront of the struggle for workers rights

Songs For Social Change
A network of sites devoted to music and social change

Labor Art And Mural Project
Various projects devoted to art and the labor movement

A community of people concerned about social change - online news service featuring a distinctive array of forums, links, and resources

FNV - Trade Union Sites On The World Wide Web
Global resource directory

SFSU - Labor Studies
San Francisco State University - Labor Studies Department

Union Pride
Wonderful grassroots, rank and file Teamster site

Scholars, Writers and Artists for Social Justice

Labor Beat
A rank and file forum - includes a directory of labor related media

It is a fighting labor union which believes that the interests of labor can be fully served only when

The Great Speckled Bird
The underground, liberal newspaper of Atlanta, dating back to the 60s. Contains links to articles, poetry, cartoons, progressive newsgroups, the Headshop underground store, and more........

Sheffield Socialist Choir
A workers choir in the UK singing songs which reflect the fight for freedom, human rights and justice around the world. Three tapes available.

American Federation Of Musicians
Union representing and providing services and networking for musicians

National Writers Union
A modern innovative trade union for freelance writers....affiliated with the UAW

A weekly labour TV show broadcast in British Colombia

Lynn from Buckhannon, |WV
The personal page of an AFSCME staff person with an interesting collection of well organized labor, womens, and cultural links

Campaign for Labor Rights
Builds bridges between local activists and many of the major organizations around the world

Labor Beat
A rank and file forum - includes a directory of labor related media

Art and Music and the Labour Movement
A page from the CUPW Sudbury Local 612 site, providing well organized links to artists, songs, and websites

Graphic Witness
A site dedicated to social commentary by visual artists, from the turn of the 20th century to the present, including graphic imagery, and related bibliographic/biographic data

International Longshore & Warehouse Union - Seatle Washington
Site created by 34 year rank and file member J.T. Jeter. Contains some great photos.

Bad Subjects
Political Education For Everyday Life - An eclectic online magazine covering a broad spectrum of activist groups and resources.

North Carolina AFL-CIO
One of the most politically effective and grassroots oriented state AFL-CIOs in America

The Newspaper Guild
Supporting Media Workers in the Information Age

dedicated to ensuring that all workers on public works projects are paid in accordance with established state and federal law

Sweatshop Watch
A coalition of activists dedicated to the elimination of sweatshops

Union Privilege
Benefit programs and consumer information for union members

California Nurses Association
An activist union representing California nurses

Florence Nightingale
Country Joe McDonalds tribute to activist nurse Florence Nightingale

Labor Quotes
A compendium of quotes on labor subjects for the general interest and of those involved in labor related struggles

A community of people concerned about social change - online news service featuring a distinctive array of forums, links, and resources

Dennis Boxing and Labor
A unique site profiling the labor movement and the sport of boxing

Jim Hightower
Jim Hightower, Americas #1 Popularist - radio host and author, dynamic and outspoken advocate of progressive causes

Cafe Progressive
An interactive progressive community emphasizing education, multiculturalism, equity and social justice activism with great editorials, news, books, chat, surveys, a bulletin board, and interactive mailing list and an extensive and annotated Progressive Resource Directory

Union Communication Services
Publishers of communication and educational tools for activist union leaders

Connections Radio
The Activists Radio Station - providing progressive and alternative programing on the Internet

International Brotherhood of Painters and Allied Trades
Site developed by 20 year rank and file member Doeley Merrick as a vehicle for networking and sharing information

Labor Heritage Foundation
The Labor Heritage Foundation works to strengthen the labor movement through the use of music and art. The ultimate nexus for networking amongst artists in every medium from within the labor movement. A great catalogue of work.

OPEIU Local 73
One of the most creative and interactive local union sites weve seen

Hawaii Labor Center
University of Hawaiis Center for Labor Education and Research


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