Angel Of Freedom

We are the children of the angel of freedom
We are the soldiers of the good fight
In unions across this land that we live in
We are the workers joined by UNITE

We make the products that America runs on
The yarn and the cloth and the clothes that you wear
For so many years we were taken for granted
'Till we stood together to get out fair share


You know that our struggle it never comes easy
You'd never guess all the scars that we bear
We live in a land where the law's stacked against us
But the law ain't as strong as our faith and our prayers


I remember the days when we started our union
Our power was hope and their weapon despair
They did all they could to hurt and divide us
All we wanted was justice and a wage that was fair


We stood at the gate when the rain was a'freezin'
We were lied to and fired, sometimes we were scared
But we never backed down, we just kept a'commin'
And our contract bears witness to all that we dared

(chorus: 2X)



©1996 Phil Cohen