Frail Light

Rest is something I forget what it feels like
Working for the rent with a child all alone
The days slip through my fingers
The nights seem to never end
I look in the mirror at eyes growing old

But my heart is aching for something just out of reach
My soul is screaming like a siren in the night
Working so hard not to just quit believing
Working so hard just to guard my frail light

The alarm clock is ringing, the little one is crying
Two bodies to dress and we're on our way
It all tugs at your soul
In the place where you're lonely
And leaves you so empty by the end of the day

(Chorus and Break)

Somewhere inside me a baby is crying
In the next room a child is at play
I look into a face
So trusting and loving
I look into my heart and find nothing to say

(Chorus and Break)

(c)1994 Phil Cohen